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Stimulating WELL-BEING

Feel the essence of wellness in Naz Sciaves at our Hotel Ploseblick, listen to your inner voice and let your body, spirit and soul come into balance step by step. A pleasant massage, a Finnish sauna, the open-air pool with panorama view, the Jacuzzi, the beautiful ambience… feel totally free to unwind and relax. 

Our swimming pool has a scented pine decking all around and sliding glass panels that can be opened or closed according to the climate or your mood. It is an oasis of wellbeing for guaranteed and pure enjoyment between mid-April and October.

Enjoy your individual wellness experience in Naz Sciaves and lose yourself in complete relaxation surrounded by the wonderful atmosphere of your accommodation in Naz Sciaves.

Feel rejuvenated! A massage involves a person’s entire being, eases cramped muscles and strengthens the immune system. Simply lie back and let us spoil you!

Foot reflexology approx. 30 min. 33 €
In Far Eastern medicine, the sole of the foot has been seen as the focal point of energy flows in the human body since time immemorial. Life energy, which flows along certain pathways through the body, is stimulated by gentle manipulation of the reflex zones. The organs and entire body parts are influenced by these energy pathways, and their interaction is harmonised with gentle pressure from the hands.

Whole body massage
 approx. 45 min. 45 €
Partial massage 25 min. 33 €
Tiredness, tension, lack of energy. Everyday occurrences in our hectic everyday lives. Massages are a pleasant way to aid rejuvenation.

Lymphatic drainage
 - legs only -
approx. 45 min. 50 €
approx. 30 min. 45 €
Detoxified tissues and glowing skin are the result of this special massage technique through which accumulated lymph fluid is drained from the body more quickly.

Facial massage approx. 25 min. 35 €
Eases tension in the head and facial area.

Relaxation massage with essential oils approx. 45 min. 50 €
Enjoy the wonderful feeling of complete relaxation with warm essential
oils whilst doing your very best for the appearance of your skin.

Hot Stone massage 60 €
Enjoy the power of hot stones on your body and feel the totally relaxation on your body and mind.

 Treatments to bring out your inner beauty. Secrets to help you achieve a new freshness. The chance for some “you” time. Beauty is more than just appearances.
Manicure 35 €
Pedicure 42 €
Depilation 20 – 60 €
Facial treatment 61 €
Make up 40 €
Eyelash and eyebrow dying 38 €
Eyebrow shaping 18 €

Please ask at the reception desk!