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Kneipp treatment

Cold face treatment – the antiaging treatment
15 Min. €10
A refreshing, stimulating, skin-tightening, calming treatment. Recommended for spiritual and physical fatigue, lethargy, headaches, migraines, tachycardia, people involved in intellectually-demanding jobs, acne, and wrinkles.

Brush massage with full body wash
30 Min. €30
Regenerates and tightens the skin, stimulates oxygenation and is relaxing as well as stimulating circulation. The brush massage is also steadying and conducive to low blood pressure.

Hot and cold foot bath with ethereal oils
20 Min. €15
Thanks to the change of warm water and herbal oils with a brief dip into cold water, we create stimulations which are conducive to circulation and avoid infections. Ideal for chronically cold feet, low blood pressure, chronic colds, sleep issues.

Herbal Kneipp bath
20 Min. €15
This Kneipp bath is recommended for people suffering from constipation, flatulence, menopause, involuntary urination and stool leakage, and congestion. The treatment is conducive to circulation in the pelvis and stomach area, and increases the muscular tension in the pelvis region.